Tyler Volk

Professor Emeritus of Biology & Environmental Studies

New York University


Welcome to My New Website!

My site contains information on my books, articles, and other papers, as well as videos of presentations and videos I've made. I also have an section on photos and my sci-rock band, The Amygdaloids.

Additional features may be added in the future. Please use the "Contact" form, if you have requests or suggestions.

My Major Interests

My areas of scholarly interest include:

  • Global ecology, carbon cycle, and the Gaia Hypothesis
  • Complex Systems
  • Metapatterns, combogenesis, and a grand sequence of levels from quarks to culture
  • And an array of ideas about systems, multiple perspectives, contexts, and so forth.

The menu along the top provides links to pages with more information.

  • "About" page — a brief overview of my work along with information on my previous teaching.
  • "Books" page — list of my books with additional links to summaries and reviews.
  • "Articles" page — list of my articles with links to PDF copies.
  • "Media" page — a collection of videos I've made, as well as videos of selected talks and addresses.
  • "Music & the Band" page — information on my musical interests and the band, The Amygdaloids.

NYU Student Journal of Metapatterns
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If interested in contributing an article, video, or other multimedia product, contact Tyler.

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